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What clients say

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    • Katrina has changed my life significantly and opened my eyes to many new possibilities and for that I am very grateful.

      —Jade Varley

      Director, JVA Coaching

    • As a result of my coaching sessions with Katrina, I’ve been able to identify what I want my outcome to be and am now taking solid and consistent steps to get there. I’m really grateful for the shift in my mindset.

      —Susan Paget

      Mid-life expert and author, The Change Guru

    • I found the coaching invaluable. It has enabled me to cast off so much negativity that was bogging me down and preventing me from accomplishing what I needed to accomplish. My productivity increased by 100%!!! I finished my novels which I thought would take another 6 months minimum in about 4 weeks.

      —Linda Dicmanis


    • As a result of the coaching, I have gained a better view of myself and my value. I have also gained some skills in helping me deal with what life throws at me.

      —Greg McFarlane

      Chair, Vegan Australia

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